btechcorp has invented and patented a process for aligning high density fibers through the thickness of a polymer matrix… up to 20 million fibers per square inch.

High conductivity metallic fibers provide a continuous path through the thickness of the film., thus avoiding the particle-to-particle contact problem of filled adhesives.

NTP-1 Medium Pitch Anisotropic Conductive Film (ACF) adhesive is currently being qualified for a variety of applications, including: plastic solar panel Z-axis interconnect, low cost microwave PCBs, large area lead-free solder, and PET substrate circuit lamination.

NTP-1 Properties

Electrical Resistance Z-axis: 0 microhms (1.0 cm², 100µ thick). X-Y plane: >20 megaohm
Z-Axis Connection Density 200μ pitch
Z-Axis Thermal Resistance <0.20 ⁰C-cm²/W (100µ thick bond)
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion Z-Axis: 15 ppm/⁰C, X-Y plane: 45ppm/⁰C
Young’s Modulus <10 Ksi (0.06 GPa)
Ionic Purity Hydrolyzable Chloride <5 ppm
Hydrolyzable Sodium <2ppm
Operating Temperature 4 ⁰K to 90 ⁰C


Product Form Film pre-forms for reel supply or wafer applications prior to dicing. 2-8 mils (0.05-0.20 mm) thick, +/- 0.1 mil
Cure Cycle 50 psi bond compression (<3 sec) at 125 ⁰C (resin temperature)
Storage Life 6 months at 27 ⁰C (80 ⁰F)