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New Product

Ultra Fine Pitch Thermoplastic Anisotropic Conductive Adhesive (ACF) Adhesive for Bumpless Flip Chip Packaging and Advanced Displays

btechcorp introduces the TP series of Z-axis electrically and thermally conductive thermoplastic film adhesives. Containing almost 1 million Z-axis nickel fibers per cm2, TP films are as electrically conductive as solder and have a lower total thermal resistance than silver filled adhesives.

TP films use 8 micron diameter nickel fibers with 3 micron spacing between fibers. Very high X-Y electrical insulation on the outer surface of each fiber means that TP can be used for circuits with as little as 8 micron spacing between pads.

Due to the repeatable hot melt capability of thermoplastics, TP films allow staged assembly. For example, TP can be laminated to a bumpless wafer and after dicing the die can then be bonded to packaging substrates.

Since TP strongly bonds to all metal substrates, it has excellent lap shear and peel strength properties. With a much lower modulus (< 0.10 GPa) than epoxies, TP offers outstanding CTE mismatch stress absorption.

The TP series uses three different thermoplastic resins to offer application flexibility in bonding temperature and thermal cycling capability. Bonding temperature options are 125C, 150Cand 185C. Thermal cycling capability ranges from -50C to +90C, +130C and +160CC.

btechcorp also offers custom thermoplastic resin versions of this TP product family to meet unique application requirements.